Following installation, UltraSeps Version 3 is designed to run flawlessly with little chance of error.  Although there’s a few vital instances where basic support may be needed.

Issue:  I’ve just installed Photoshop CC 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. (or any version beyond CC 2019) and UltraSeps won’t run and I’m getting an 8800 error?

Cause:  This is due to the UltraSeps Plugin not installed to the latest version of Photoshop.  Depending on when UltraSeps Version 3 was purchased, your installer might not support Photoshop versions beyond CC 2019, although the software itself is 100% compatible with these future versions.

Solution:  Close Photoshop.  Now open the folder containing the copy of Photoshop in use.  This is located in Program Files/Adobe on Windows systems, and within the Applications Folder on Macintosh.

Next open the folder named Plug-ins which is found inside the Photoshop folder.

Now, find your folder containing UltraSeps v3.  This is the folder downloaded after purchase containing the installers, user guide, sample images, etc.

Inside this folder look for the Backup Files Folder.

Inside the Backup Files Folder open the Plugins Folder.

On Windows, copy the 64 bit UltraSeps Plugin to the Plug-ins Folder of Adobe Photoshop.

On Macintosh, copy the CS5+ UltraSeps Plugin to the Plug-ins Folder of Adobe Photoshop.

Restart Photoshop if running.

Load the UltraSeps v3 Actions into the Actions Panel of Photoshop if not done already.

UltraSeps v3 will then be 100% functional with the new Photoshop.

If not for some strange reason, run the installer again as well.

That’s it!

Manually installing the UltraSeps Plugin is also covered in the User Guide.

Note:  The plugins include v2 in their name and are named identically to the Version 2 plugins.  These are the Version 3 plugins however as the name itself remained the same to overwrite the older existing plugins of the previous version when running the Version 3 installer.  Due to the high number of different Photoshop versions in use, its easier to assemble an installer to overwrite existing files with a newer version using the same name.

  If installing on Macintosh, primarily MacOS Catalina and above, Security Warnings!

If any security warnings are generated when installing and/or running UltraSeps v3.2 – DO THIS:

Go to System Preferences.
Open Security & Privacy.
Click the General Tab.
The blocked installer or plugin will be listed there near the bottom.
Click the Open Anyway button next to it.
This will add the installer and/or plugin to your trusted Apps list to run normally.

!!! Also make sure to replace the old Actions with the new set included with the updated version!
The previous actions will not work with Catalina.

If the installer itself can’t be opened due to the excessive security settings, hold down the Control Key,
then click the installer once and choose Open. This will permit the installer to run.



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