UltraSeps v3 Mac M1 Silicon


UltraSeps v3.3 Macintosh M1!  This new version of UltraSeps v3.3 Macintosh runs in native mode on Macintosh M1 Silicon Processor Systems.
Pay Once – Use it Forever!
Install to ALL Your New Macs!



UltraSeps v3.3 Mac M1 Silicon Release is offered at a discounted update for current users of UltraSeps v3.

Be certain to use your provided custom discount code at checkout to receive a lower price than the listed price above!

An incredible amount of time, effort and testing has gone into modifying UltraSeps to run on M1 Macs, therefore we simply can’t provide this at no cost.

Although the software has been modified to run in native mode with the new Macintosh processors, this version will also run on Intel based Macs as well.  There are no differences in operation and functionality.  It runs and looks identical to the previous Mac version that will not run on new M1 Macs.

To install, run the installer with Photoshop closed.
Then open Photoshop to load the UltraSeps Actions.
Run the Action to load the Color Settings.
That’s it!

If the installer itself can’t be opened due to the excessive Macintosh security settings do this:
Hold down the Control Key
Then click the installer once and choose Open.
This will permit the installer to run.

All orders for this product are processed using PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required to purchase.  You can pay using a major credit card, debit card or with your PayPal balance if an account holder.

The transaction will appear on your statement as a purchase with Extreme Sportswear OR UltraSeps.  This is determined by PayPal and the manner in which paid.  Please make a note of this to avoid confusion when your statement arrives.

Once payment has been submitted, an order confirmation with download link to the upgrade is sent to your email address automatically.  There is no need to wait for us to respond manually with download link and other information.  If not received, check you spam or junk mail folder.

An instant download link will also be available on the order confirmation page listed under Downloads.  You may have to click “Return to Extreme Sportswear” or something to that effect after payment on the PayPal payment confirmation page to return.  Or just check your email for the download link.

The automated email with download link serves as your receipt.  You will not be contacted further regarding the upgrade purchase although we do have a record of it and your account will be marked here as updated to the Mac M1 Version.

If your download link email is not received within 30 minutes, send an email to support@ultraseps.com from the email address used when placing the order.  I’ll reply with the download link the same day, and always between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM New York City time.


Policy On Refunds:

UltraSeps v3.3 Macintosh M1 Silicon is pre-authorized software and not a physical product so its impossible to return it.

Once your order is placed, you'll receive a download link to the product.  At this point, the transaction is final.  This is standard practice in the software industry and not only our policy. 

Refund requests will not be considered or processed.