Macintosh M1 Computer – UltraSeps Support

  I’ve just bought a new Macintosh computer with the M1 Processor and getting an 8800 error when trying to run UltraSeps stating the Command QS is not available?

Cause:  This is due to Photoshop CC 2021 and versions going forward running in native mode with these new processors while the UltraSeps plugin and scripts do not.  Most all Mac software does not run in  native mode with these new processors and will be years until they do.

Solution 1:  Download an earlier version of Photoshop from Creative Cloud and use that with UltraSeps.  You can still keep and use CC 2021 but when using UltraSeps, launch an earlier version of Photoshop.

Solution 2:  If you’d rather use Photoshop CC 2021 or higher with UltraSeps, do the following:
#1 Navigate to your Applications Folder.
#2 Open the Photoshop 2021 Folder.
#3 Click the Photoshop 2021 application icon once and do a “Get Info”.
#4 In the Get Info box check the Open Using Rosetta box.
#5 Restart Photoshop.

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